3S ERP software is used to manage your business and control the company’s performance more simply in real-time. The software is developed on both web and mobile and also is updated the latest experience in ERP industry.


The main module

The expansive modules of 3S ERP help enterprises manage their business operation in the organic connection with their core business processes. In the meantime, the system is designed to be very flexible for expansion, development and upgrade in the future.

Sales Management

Comprehensively manage sales activities from planning, setting sales policies to automating the sales process.

Purchasing Management

Manage suppliers and purchase policies, automate purchase processes from purchasing request, goods importing to payment.

Warehousing Management

Provide solutions for warehouse system organization, materials definition, input-output warehousing process and inventory-controlled tool.

Production Management

Set production plan, evaluate material needs, monitor production process and product quality, control expenses and calculate product price.

Financial - Accounting Management

Manage all financial and accounting activities of an enterprise from budget planning to both financial accounting and management accounting

Expansion Module

The expansion of the 3S module 10i ERP helps enterprises comprehensive management of production and business activities in the organic link with the core processes of the business. At the same time the system is designed with flexibility and versatility ready for the expansion, development and upgrades in the future.

Customer Relationship Management

A comprehensive management solution to manage customer relationships and customer cares; also a tool to support marketing campaign operation.

Human Resource Management

A comprehensive management solution to manage recruitment and training programs; monitor personnel records, work process, time attendance and salary calculation according to the characteristics of each enterprise.