The advantages of enterprise resource planning software

Saturday February 15th, 2020 |

ERP – What is enterprise management software?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), is the name of a system used to plan resources in an organization, a business. It can be said that it includes the most basic functions. An ERP software integrates those same functions into a single system. Therefore, instead of having to use many software such as accounting software, human resources management software and salary, production management … in parallel, independent of each other, the ERP is fully integrated. Fully functional into a single package, which interrelates between functions. At present, the number of organizations and enterprises using ERP is increasing due to the great efficiency that it brings.

Technology in the hands of businessmen

What is corporate governance?

To better understand the advantages of enterprise management software we can learn more about the concept of corporate governance.

Governance: Governance is the process of implementing the effects of a management object on a management object. Governance is a process to achieve the goals set by effective co-ordination of enterprise resources.

Enterprises: Being economic organizations with the legal person status, their seals, assets, civil rights and obligations in economic activities under the regime of independent cost accounting and self-responsibility for all activities. The economy is within the scope of investment capital managed by the enterprise and is subject to state management by law and enforcement policies.

Corporate governance is a process of continuous, entrepreneurial orientation that involves planning, macro objectives, plans and policies through individuals, groups, and Other resources (equipment, capital, technology) … to best utilize the potential and opportunities to carry out production and business activities of the business to achieve the objectives.

Some advantages of ERP software

It is not surprising that enterprise management software has become a trend and preferred solution today. It is because of the following advantages that we can understand why it is becoming so popular:

First, the ERP system minimizes duplication of work and, in particular, minimizes manual input, leading to incorrect data entry and loss of time. In addition, instead of saving data in multiple places, now all data is stored on a single system. Therefore, the database is secured and updated in time.

The second is enterprise management software that assists executives with easy access to reliable information so that they can make plans based on sufficient information. On the other hand, the ERP option is highly flexible because it can flexibly accommodate many of the basics when a business changes.

Not only that, in the ERP software, the information is updated in real time system, ensuring accurate and extremely full. Business management software makes reporting easier than ever before and the ability to customize is also better. With improved reporting capabilities, your company can handle complex data requests with ease.

Finally, using ERP software will help businesses reduce their investment costs far more than investing in discrete, inconsistent systems that lead to ineffective work. The new system will improve the accuracy, stability and security of data as much as possible, as well as limited access operations that can also be customized by the administrator.

ERP trong doanh nghiệpWhich of the best ERP software vendors do you have?

For businesses to work well, selecting partners to provide software is very necessary. Introducing the 3S ERP solution – Total corporate management solution from ITG. The software integrates all necessary professional skills in business management with modules such as accounting, finance, supply chain (purchase, sale, inventory), project management, CRM, human resources management … data is inherited and processed through departments in accordance with flexible procedures, ensuring the information is always accurate, timely and time saving. data entry and increase work efficiency. 3S ERP can be deployed for small and medium enterprises or corporations, multi-branch corporations can use.


Business management software will help businesses manage business processes, share information between functional departments, across stages in the whole business process of the business from there. Bring innovations in business operations such as increased productivity, reduced costs (time, manpower, material resources), increased revenue for the business. If you are wondering how to find the best enterprise management software solution for your business, let ITG consult your solution:

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