About ITG Company


ITG determines to become a leading developer and supplier of enterprise management software solutions in Vietnam. We continuously innovate and apply the latest technology to develop advanced software solutions to create breakthroughs, production efficiency and business values for our customers.


Constantly innovate to create advanced and high-quality management solutions and bring great change and value to customers on the basis of consulting and providing the most effective solutions together with caring and thoughtful services.
Commit to accompany with customers to improve the ability of planning, managing and operating production and business



As a technologycompany, ITG considers Humans to be the most important assset and resource


Technology creates speed, power and breakthrounghs. ITG attaches great importance to investment in research, application and creation of new technological solutions in its products


In addition to technological power, management knowledge is one of the two most important elements concentrated in the ecosystem of enterprise managent application that ITG builds. We always learn, research and apply the world's advanced management knowledge to our products and services


Work professionally

The value that ITG brings to the customers lying in a team of experts who have a firm grasp of professional knowledge, industry insights and enthusiasm for the job.

Commit to success

In return for the trust of customers when choosing ITG to become a technology partner, we have committed to accompany to the end of the project's success. For employees, ITG commits that every individual will have the best conditions to become an expert in their fields.

Freedom of creativity

In the era of technology 4.0 today, ITG determines that creativity is the key to improve the competitiveness of the enterprises. Therefore, we always uphold the spirit of innovation internally and wish to bring that value to the customers and the community.

Willing to share

The people at ITG create a unified block, always ready to share values, knowledge, opportunities and success together.

Acquire opinions

Standing on the role of business strategy consultant, ITG upholds the spirit of marketing, receiving all suggestions to always improve its products, best suited to actual requirements of the customers


2019 : ITG was honored in the ” Top 50+10 IT enterprises in Vietnam “.

2018 : ITG was honored in the ” Top 50+10 IT enterprises in Vietnam “.

2017 : ITG was honored in the ” Top 50 IT enterprises in Vietnam “.

 2010 : 3S ERP Solution was awarded the “Sao Khue 2010” prize and the “Excellent Software 2010” title by the Vietnam Software Association (Vinasa) and the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC)

 2008 : 3S Finance 7.5 – Financial Management Software was awarded “Sao Khue 2008” prize and the title “Excellent Software 2008” by the Vietnam Software Association (Vinasa) and the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC).


ERP Solution Joint Stock Company - ITG commits providing our customers with high-quality software products and professional services. At ITG, we believe that the criteria for creating trust in customers and partners are: maximizing the intelligence and creative ability of our qualified staff; applying the high-quality process in accordance with the international standards, constantly completing and improving products and services. All complaints about the quality of our products and services will be resolved by the Quality Assurance Department:

HOTLINE: 0986.196.838


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